I consider myself ‪an effective leader with acute attention to detail‬. With a degree in Computer Science combined with a strong Digital Electronics background, I love spending my days architecting and building systems. One minute I'm drawing out schematics or laying out PCB's, the next I'm writing iOS code to interface with the firmware I wrote for the micro-controller on the board I just designed.

I love building businesses and bringing the right people together that ultimately is a requirement for any business to succeed. I believe in hiring folks smarter than me. I also hire first based on moral character and work ethic, second on experience. If you have the former, you can learn and gain the later. I like to say that "your parents" were supposed to teach you the former. :-)

I am a good speaker and enjoy teaching. In my spare time, I teach classes that introduce individuals to digital electronics and programming. Each summer I teach a 3-week program at Northwestern University's Center for Talent Development for gifted high schoolers. It is a total rush!

I'm a big Steven Covey fan and believe and practice many of his ideas. I am most fond of the "big rock" analogy for managing your time and setting priorities. It is part of my culture.

I'm a big Trekkie, love science, love technology, a huge dog lover, photographer and pianist (I'm not very good).